Social-Media-Free (SMF) Friday

I Sam 3Last night at youth group, my 10th grade girls talked about the call of Samuel in I Samuel chapter three. As we saw, the boy Samuel didn’t recognize God’s voice right away; he thought Eli the priest was calling him. Eventually, Eli realized God was calling the boy and told Samuel to respond by telling the Lord that His servant was listening.

God doesn’t speak audibly to us today (though He could if He wanted to), but He does speak to us clearly through His Word. The question is: Are we hearing Him?

Maybe we are – but we’re not willing to do what He says. I asked the girls, “What are some of the hard things God asks us to do?”

Our brave and honest Caitlin went for the kill: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Oh sure, because that one’s anything but easy.

Our big-hearted Theresa added, “Forgive as God forgives us.” Ouch!

So maybe we do know what God wants us to do. Then what’s the hang-up? The answer might be a reach away. Our cell phones.

We all agreed the instant access to social media gives us an escape, a distraction, a reason to procrastinate. Instead of getting real with God and opening our Bibles, we search social media to learn a myriad of unnecessary information. Oh, so and so is at the mall. What cute shoes she bought! Oh, so and so just got a new car, or removed a hairball from the drain, or burned her cupcakes, or ate at Chipotle, or any of the other random things we post.

Whether we need to hear God’s voice or get real about what He’s asking of us, let’s put the phones away and pull out our Bibles. There’s no temptation to surf the web or pin something or face-time with a friend.

I’m going social-media-free (SMF) on Friday. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Pinterest. No Messenger. (You can add your own favorites to the list.)

The goal is to minimize the distractions. Instead of a phone, reach for the Word.

Join me?

~ Miss Kristen


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