Guilty as Charged

toridawnrector via Compfight cc
toridawnrector via Compfight cc

Guilt. Such a nasty word. You can almost feel the weight being dropped into your stomach just thinking about it. The mere sight of those five letters together makes my blood pressure rise.

Guilt is something we’ve all felt. You cheated on a test. Guilt comes later.  You told your mom you’d be home before dark even though your friend invited you to the 8:00 movie. Guilt.

To some people, guilt is a way of life. They distract themselves temporarily from the feeling, but it always creeps back. At the end of the day, the pressure is still on.

But not so for the Christian! Jesus took all that mess when He died for us. There’s a Messianic Rabbi who pastors a church in New Jersey, and he says this about the subject:

“The word ASHAM in Hebrew is the same word used in Leviticus for the Levitical sacrifice. It does not just mean guilt offering but guilt itself. The animal that was offered up was called the guilt. Messiah became guilt for us. ASHAM means that when you are in sin and oppression in your life, Messiah has His name on it now. You do not have to bear it. Jesus is your guilt. Your sins and guilt belong to Him.” (Jonathan Cahn, Message #1093)

I think it’s important to understand the Hebrew wording and apply that to what the Scriptures are saying. To put it plainly, when you do mess up and sin, Jesus has already paid for your guilt. We believe He covers our sins, but He also covers our guilt.

The challenge is this: Give Jesus your guilt today; He has already paid for it.

~ Miss Q


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