Finding Joy in Disappointment

Photo credit: Miss Kristen

November challenges are in full swing. NANOWRIMO week one was awesome; I know the next three weeks will likely be harder, but that’s why we call this a challenge.

Thankfulness week one presented a test: Kristen, will you thank God just for His blessings? Or, will you also thank Him for your disappointments?

Last week, I received word from a publisher who had been considering one of my manuscripts for eight months. The final answer was a rejection letter.

And hence my test: Is my joy grounded in my circumstances or in my God who never changes?

How perfect is His timing! My brother had recently shared with me an audio book called Innovate like Edison, and if ever anyone understood the value of failure, it was Edison.

The key to his success was that he didn’t give up in the face of failure; in fact, he welcomed it, because he saw the benefit it provided in bringing him one step closer to success.

That’s an attitude I want to imitate. Sure, eight months with nothing to show may look like failure to many; but to me, this closed door provided an opportunity for growth and a chance to search out all the things I have to thank God for through this experience.

Let self-pity steal my joy? That’s no way to live.

I’m excited to move forward. God’s given me a call to write, and so I will write on. When I write, I feel His pleasure; and that is reward enough.

Whatever God has called you to do, don’t let disappointment or temporary defeat tempt you to throw in the towel. Rather, sharpen your tools, and get back to work.

~ Kristen


6 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Disappointment

  1. This is a story that we could all agree with. Disappointment will follow us on life and thank you, Kristen, for your encouragement to keep moving forward!


  2. Thank you Kristen. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with rejection. But like you mentioned Edison looked at the times that didn’t work as ways to try something else until it did work. When a door closes, God will open a window.


  3. Fantastic post, Kristen! I love your attitudes of trusting, thanking, and obeying. That is true success!

    If your goal is to teach and model what others really need, you just did it. Beautifully.


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