Love: Purposing Another’s Good

St Aug

I hesitate even to start this post, feeling completely inadequate. Shakespeare wrote sonnets on love that describe it with beautiful honesty and eloquence. Volumes of books have been published about finding love, being in love, staying in love, the types of love, the languages of love, and on and on the list goes.

But Valentine’s Day is Sunday, so here we go anyway.

If you’re a young adult reading this post, chance are that you’re single (or at least not married yet). Regardless of whether or not you’re in a dating relationship, God’s given all of us people to love.

What is love?

Again, we could get lost in a myriad of definitions. The one that sticks with me year after year is from my college Bible professor Dr. Delnay. I have never heard a better one than his.

Love is purposing the good of another.

It may be a simple definition, but its implications are endless. How do we purpose another’s good in our day-to-day world?

What does love look like?

  1. Love means being happy your friend scored the winning shot instead of you.
  2. Love means taking out the trash even when it’s not your turn.
  3. Love means texting your parents to let them know you reached your friend’s house safely and not staying out past a set time.
  4. Love means respecting your teacher even though you don’t like how she graded your paper.
  5. Love means listening to the chapel speaker instead of studying for a test next period.
  6. Love means biting your tongue after a customer’s rude remark and wishing them a good day anyway.
  7. Love means letting your sibling choose the Friday night movie even though you’d rather see something else.

But Kristen, that’s not love. Love is when Cinderella gets her prince. Love is that fluttering in your chest when a special someone notices you. (May I recommend the recent post by Lauren DeMoss on this subject?)

Maybe yes. But not most of the time.

Love is purposing the good of the people God’s placed in our lives. Day in and day out. Whether we’re wearing glass slippers or penny loafers.

How can we show love this week?

Traditional flowers and chocolate have their place, but I encourage you to get even more creative.

  • What simple acts of kindness can you do to purpose someone else’s good?
  • Do you know someone who is lonely? A relative? A widow or widower in your church? A couple whose children have moved away? What could you do to show them love this week?
  • Whose love do you take for granted at times? How can you make them feel extra special?

Please take a minute and share your ideas in the comments below. Your thoughts may be an inspiration or encouragement to someone else.

May the love of Jesus overflow from our lives this week and always.

~ Kristen




4 thoughts on “Love: Purposing Another’s Good

  1. Kristen, just this morning, I read Zechariah 8:15. In that verse, Love Himself says, “I have again purposed to do good and to bring good to My people.” I think you can make a good case for Dr. Delnay’s definition. 🙂


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