Small Steps to Someday

Water beachThink of your childhood dream. Then look in the mirror.

Maybe in elementary school, you loved the idea of being an astronaut. Your teacher said you’d need to like math. No problem! You were a whiz at multiplication and division. Then you entered high school, and advanced math became more of an intergalactic foe than friend.

Maybe you’re not even sure what you want to be – or you have dreams that seem too fantastic to ever achieve.

What’s a girl to do?

My childhood aspiration was to be a veterinarian. Pet and cuddle puppies and kittens all day, right? The reality that I’d be sticking them with needles more often than not put an end to that dream really fast.

In middle school, I decided to be a writer after my brothers, friends and I co-wrote several short stories together. In college, I majored in English and wrote for the yearbook. Later, I became co-editor for both yearbook and the college newspaper.

After college, I took a job as a copywriter for a catalog marketing company. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it seemed like a step in the right direction. Six years, three promotions and several published catalogs later, I switched gears professionally. I had been able to self-publish my first fiction trilogy, but my creative writing was not the focus I wanted it to be.

God called me completely out of my comfort zone to teach English, history and computer for two years. I am grateful for what I learned in those two years and the relationships I forged with coworkers and students alike; but again, my heart was tugging me toward a writing career. How and when, I didn’t know.

Then, my good friends invited me to help them start their own coffee, ice cream and bakery business in Ocala. I jumped on board for the adventure. The sometimes crazy but flexible hours give me the flexibility to write more and push ahead in my dreams while serving as the writer and marketer for a small business.

It’s a strange story, for sure, and sometimes, doesn’t seem like I have a lot to show (except dozens of drafts, documents and blog posts).

But when God calls you to do something, it’s not always going to make sense. And it’s not always going to be easy. Many people are going to misunderstand you – and you have to remember that your job isn’t to please other people or explain yourself. (Remember the Gatekeepers we talked about last year? Yes, ignore them.)

Do the next right thing.

Though your story and mine may not be unfolding as we had expected, that’s okay as long as we’re doing the next right thing toward the goals God’s given us to pursue.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way. – Psalm 37:23

Be encouraged that if you’re walking close with the Lord, He will never get you lost.

And if you’re feeling far from God at the moment, more than likely you’re the one who’s moved, not Him. Seek Him again, and you’ll find Him (Jeremiah 29:13).

What next step do you need to take today?

~ Kristen



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