Hurry is for Hamsters

FCWC bench

Do you ever feel hurried? I mean, hamster-on-a-wheel hurried?

That little fellow scuttles as quickly as he can. And gets absolutely nowhere.

Sometimes, we’re like hamsters. Whether we’re in school or working full time or maybe both, we can run ourselves ragged trying to balance life’s responsibilities.

I spent last weekend at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference, soaking up an atmosphere of engaging workshops, inspiring mentors and like-minded friends. The best way to describe it is an oasis, a place Christian writers can pursue their passions and share their journeys with other pilgrims. It’s both stimulating and exhausting.

During dinner one day, I asked a friend to pray for me to find a healthy balance of writing and “everything else” when I returned home.

My friend shook her head, and I asked why. Her answer went something like this: Balance implies I’m trying to juggle too many things which may or may not matter. On the other hand, priorities imply I’m willing to cut out things that don’t make a difference and focus on what does.

Of course, she was right.

What we need is not a greater lung capacity to huff harder. We need less to huff about.

In one of his addresses, our keynote speaker Robert Benson reminded us that hurry doesn’t achieve our goals.

“Hurry is not the proper posture of a writer. Determined is the proper posture of a writer.”

Maybe you’re not a writer, but the same principle applies. Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” We can’t be our best if we’re frazzled furballs.

This week
  • How can you be intentional about keeping the right “posture”?
  • What are some unnecessary commitments or time-wasters you can cut from your day to help you focus on what matters most?
  • What methods or practices help you keep the main thing the main thing?

Throw the balance book out the window with all the distractions you don’t need. Determine to be your best for the people and pursuits that matter most.

Leave the hurry to the hamsters.

~ Kristen


4 thoughts on “Hurry is for Hamsters

  1. Balance verses priorities–oh, my! It’s so true we need to decide which one to choose. Yet, I want to do so many things, and my rationale is that they’re all good things. I must constantly remember to stop/end/delete something before adding a new project or commitment. It is only then that I, too, can be determined and not hurried.
    P.S. I love your photo with Robert Benson’s quote. 🙂


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