4 Reasons Cinderella Rules

Cinderella RuleI don’t usually review books here, but this one speaks to such an important need that I couldn’t pass up the chance to share it.

If you’re a teen girl (or twenty-something) trying to think and live truthfully in terms of a relationship, The Cinderella Rule by Bethany Jett is for you. And even if boys are the last thing on your mind right now, you should still read this book and tuck it away for future reference.

Here are my top 4 reasons why.

#1: Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Start preparing for it now. 

We would never dream of going to take our driver’s test without studying the handbook and getting in our practice hours with Mom, Dad or some other brave friend or family member. That’s just to get our permit.

So what makes us think we can waltz into a relationship without doing any footwork? Sure, there are certain things you have to learn from experience, but I’d rather start mentally and spiritually prepared than clueless.

This book offers that needed eye-opener, and it’s written just for young adults.

#2: It’s easier to learn from a book than the school of hard knocks.

Though I’m part kinesthetic learner, I’d much rather take notes from others’ mistakes than make my own.

Bethany’s story will make you laugh, cry and cringe at times. She writes with an honesty and transparency that, in my opinion, is much lacking in the field of dating. We girls don’t need people to preach at us. We need caring people to tell us life like it is and help prepare us for the potential pitfalls of relationships (and how to avoid them).

#3: Relationships can be messy. friends and mascara help.

Bethany takes the tone of a big sister who’s been there, done that. She provides practical insights on all elements of a relationship, including: preparing for one, dressing for one, being available, setting boundaries, having an exit strategy in place (if necessary), entering engagement, and more.

She offers godly advice from a girly perspective. While offering tips to help you look and feel your best, she focuses on roles in a relationship: It’s the guy’s job to pursue, and the girls’ job to let him.

I think our society would rather Cinderella chuck her shoe at the prince to get his attention than leave it behind for him to find. I’m not in favor of throwing shoes (except maybe at snakes and spiders), and I’m pretty sure chivalrous guys wouldn’t find it attractive.

#4: remember to Be yourself. The right guy will notice.

My favorite quote in the whole book (which is saying a lot since I underlined so many sentences) would be this one:

Go after your dreams and let your man find you doing what you love.

Girls, we tend to think we have to meet a certain ideal or reach unattainable heights. We grow impatient and cross when we fall short again and again.

Just be yourself. Putting on an act is exhausting. (And some of us can’t act to save our lives anyway.)

Don’t wait for “life to start” when you meet someone. Follow the dreams, and pursue the goals God’s given you. Now.

Thank you, Bethany, for the reminder that the right guy will appreciate us all the more for doing so.

~ Kristen

Hint: If you’re a teen and uncomfortable reading a “relationship book,” I encourage you to ask your mom or a mentor to read this one first and then talk about it with you. She can help you wade through any awkwardness you may feel. Plus, having someone to share your own thoughts and concerns with will help develop your own perspective! 


6 thoughts on “4 Reasons Cinderella Rules

  1. Kristen, I’m so glad you posted a review on this book! I personally loved it and wish I had read it about 20 years ago. I even found several points that I can use in my marriage now. Thanks for sharing with other readers!

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