Not a Vessel More

Smith QuoteEnough. That word is not something our society understands.

The media serves as a megaphone for our culture’s obsession with more. We need the latest makeup product to be beautiful. We need the trending fashion to be popular. We need the newest car to be cool. We need the biggest house, the widest television, the latest smartphone, the hottest widget.

That’s not how God operates. And what a relief that is.

God doesn’t demand more in order for us to be ready for Him to use. He simply asks that we offer Him what we have and in faith, trust Him to use it.

That’s what a widow in 2 Kings 4 learned. She had two sons and no money, so her creditor told her he would take her children instead. She pleaded with the prophet Elisha to help her.

This woman had nothing left but her faith and one jar of oil, and that’s all Elisha asked of her to start. He then told her to borrow her neighbors’ empty pots and fill them with the one jar she had.

She didn’t protest that one jar couldn’t possibly fill many. She didn’t argue that what she had wasn’t “enough” for God to use. She acted – and anticipated the miracle.

When she had filled all the empty jars, she asked her son if there were any more.

His response? “There is not a vessel more” (2 Kings 4:6 KJV). And that’s when the oil finally ran dry.

What she had was enough for God to use in miraculous ways.

I think we can learn something from her story. Instead of complaining to God that we don’t have _______ (You fill in your complaint, and I’ll fill in mine.), we give Him what we do have. Maybe it’s not much. Maybe we can’t even begin to see how He can use it.

But we offer it to Him just the same and trust that little is much when God is in it.

~ Kristen



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