When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney movie was Peter Pan. You can keep your princesses. Give me some pixie dust, and let me fight some pirates. I was all tomboy, and Peter Pan captured my imagination. Think “happy” thoughts, and away I could go.

Flash forward. I grew up. We all grow up (or are in the process of growing up). Life isn’t as simple as thinking happy thoughts and flying off to have a grand adventure (although I’m all for adventures). In fact, there are lots of things about life that aren’t happy at all, and if you tell someone to just think happy thoughts when life turns sour, you might get a cold glare or a slap in the face.

The best way to handle life’s curve balls is to think, not just happy, but true thoughts. What does God’s Word have to say about this? What can I know for sure – even when I feel like everything’s falling apart?

That’s what Think True Thoughts is all about. It’s a place for us to practice thinking truthfully about ordinary circumstances so that we can live daring, extraordinary lives.

Stick around if you’re up for the adventure.

~ Kristen


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